AUZ CONSULTANTS is a leading immigration consulting firm based out of Delhi NCR but one which services clients all over the WORLD.

We work with Licensed & Authorized Migration Agents to give you expert advice and eliminate the challenges, confusion and frustration that are often associated with the visa application process.

We strongly believe the success of our Clients Migration cases provides the foundation on which the reputation of our firm stands. Our success builds upon itself. Referrals from our satisfied clients is the basis of our continued growth.

  • I really thank Team Auz for all the efforts, for all the support for my case. They were thorough professional and helped me even after landing in Australia having issues with my employer. Appreciate from bottom of my heart in finding another job. Can never forget how you all went the extra mile for me, my entire life.

    Govind, Motor Mechanic
  • The diligence and dedication by Auz Consultants team members was astonishing. We hope you will accept the enclosed token of my gratitude. Thank you for your time and work you gave to obtain my visa to Australia. Thank You very much.

    Mejo Varghese, Pastry/Bakery Chef De Partie
  • I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude for providing best of service in my Skill Assessment process & now looking forward for my positive visa outcome.

    Amit Chavan, Chef
  • Australia had always been my dream destination and thanks to Auz Consultants Team who made my dream come true. I have received my Visa and I owe all the credit to their operation team for perfect case filing. Though my case materialized after a long wait, but it was worth it and everything ended happily. I have been highly impressed with the way they handled everything pertaining to my Australia Work Visa/ Scl 457.

    Buddika Ranasinghe, Restaurant (Duty) Manager
  • Dream come true!! Visa granted today!! Cant express enough how glad i am!! A big big thank you to AUZ Consultants to help me through my Australia visa processing. Your consultants really handled my case very professionally and proved that you the best in Australia migration. Thank you again for your service.

    Samir Kumar Das- MY VISA SUCCESS STORY
  • Many thanks to AuZ Consultants, I am sooooo excited. Thank you so much for all your help with my skill assessment success in quick after previous failed attempt by previous consultant. !!! You made me feel confident and took away my worries, also helped explain each stage of the process. You are very professional but easy going in day to day emails. The personal touch is a lot nicer than feeling you’re talking to a machine. Thank you so much looking forward to AUSTRALIA WORK PERMIT with your Certified and Legal MARA AGENT.

    Amit Ramola – Australia Skill Assessment Success in quick time!!!
  • Appreciate AuZ Consultants for their guidance and Support in getting my Skill Assessment through in very first attempt,even though with 3 yrs experience chances were bleak and AuZ Team supported and guided at every stage I , II , Technical Interview and drafted my application with an Expert level to be Successful !!!! Looking forward for 457 and Australia Calling.Thanks again for believing in me and making my Dreams come true !!!! Thanks Abhi

    Abhimanyu Pastry Cook 3 yrs